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Speech Analytics

voiXen speech analytics helps companies to achieve excellence in customer service and sales.
Our cloud based software solves several problems:

Increase your (up and cross) sales by up to 25%
Reduce your AHT (average handling time) by more than 5%
Increase your FCR (first call resolution rate) by up to 10%
Shorten the training period by up to 33%
Increase customer satisfaction by 30 NPS points
Measure customer satisfaction automatically

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Your Return On Investment with voiXen

Your Savings with voiXen per Year:


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Digital Scorecards

voiXen's digital scorecards automate and digitalize your coaching process in the contact center in five easy steps. Click here for your first digital coaching — in only five minutes!

This is voiXen in a nutshell

This two and a half minutes video gives you insights about the product and the company.

voiXen at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon

What our customers say

  • „We can work much more efficiently and accurately with voiXen because we can prove the excellent quality of our work. This allows me to be much more confident with the client - I enjoy it.“

    Herbert Ferdinand

    Herbert Ferdinand
    Manager Customer Service

  • „Since introducing voiXen and its integrated coaching analysis tool ("CAT"), the time we spend on coaching has been reduced enormously. Instead of having to analyse complex manual voicefiles, our coaches are now able to work directly with agents using conspicuous voicefile lists generated by the CAT. CAT also helps them map trends and create coaching topics. This frees up more of their time to dedicate to agent training.“

    Jörg Weidmann

    Jörg Weidmann
    Board of Directors
    exciting AG

  • „With voiXen I can recommend a great tool to my consulting clients to optimize their coaching efforts and achieve even better quality.“

    Gerd Conradt

    Gerd Conradt
    Coaching Expert

Key Features

The voiXen platform delivers a broad range of advanced technology to improve call quality and customer satisfaction.

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