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Selected partners

Partnerships count a lot at voiXen. Even though our solution is basically independent of the IT and telecommunication systems used (such as PBX/TK system, recorder, ACD software, dialer, SIP trunk, etc.), we have formed deeper alliances with selected companies. An overview of consulting, integration and technology partners can be found here.

Logo 4com

Technology partner

As a modern software development company, we have been developing and operating a cloud-based technology platform for the end-to-end processing of voice & non-voice processes and for workflow management since 1994.

With our Customer Engagement Portfolio, we are now one of the market leaders for cloud-based inbound and outbound customer service solutions. The 4Com Omnichannel Hub comprises a variety of networkable modules that cover all areas of modern communications, including the distribution and processing of voice and non-voice contacts, AI solutions such as bots and classification, voice analytics, statistics, analysis and BI.


Logo authensis

Technology partner

The ideal solution would be a software all-rounder that can manage communication in a custom-fit, flexibly scalable and independent of existing IT structures?

At authensis, you get customized, modularly expandable solutions. Benefit from the excellent technology experience in various industries such as contact centers, finance and insurance, market research, mail order, industry and information management.


Logo clientsolutions

Consulting partner

ClientSolutions is a partner for implementation-oriented solutions around Customer Experience, Digitalization and Service Management. Based on our in-depth industry know-how, we successfully advise on the strategic and operational conception, implementation and procurement of services at the customer interface.

ClientSolutions defines, implements and analyzes your individual solution for a smart speech analysis. Whether advice or permanent service, we give you a new perspective with voiXen!


Logo diabolocom

Technology partner

Diabolocom is a provider of cloud solutions for call and contact centers, enabling companies to manage customer relationships across all communication channels.

Diabolocom offers a 100% cloud-based software solution for the omnichannel customer dialogue in customer service and sales. Developed for the cloud from the beginning, our omnichannel solution offers a 360° view of the customer and saves costs as a cloud solution.


Logo IP Dynamics

Integration partner

IP Dynamics offers holistic solutions in the area of corporate communications as well as state-of-the-art, fully equipped workstations - including all desired applications.

From consulting to implementation, IP Dynamics is your one-stop shop. But that's not the end of the story: With its 24/7 Managed Service, the IT system house continues to provide advice and support.


Logo junokai

Consulting partner

junokai is a consulting partner for companies who want to build up an efficient customer relationship management for their organisation as a foundation for a strong future and who want to expand their competitive advantage through excellence in their own customer management.

For voiXen, junokai's junokai's Speech Analytics services covers the entire range of services, from initial consulting and implementation to full (managed) service.


Logo kommunikationshelden.de

Consulting partner

kommunikationshelden.de is for 30 years expert for communicative organization consultation, training and Coaching. Customers of all industries and sizes profit from the know-how from hundreds of projects and Einzelcoachings.

kommunikationshelden.de has developed the digital CoachingBox© in cooperation based on the technology of voiXen. It integrates analog and digital coaching and training for sales and service organizations, call and communication centers at the highest level.



Consulting partner

The MUUUH! GROUP develops the customer management of the future for renowned corporations and medium-sized companies - in consulting, creation and operative implementation.

At the centre of our activities is the enjoyment of joint success, which we share with our corporate units MUUHU! Digital, MUUUH! Consulting and MUUUH! Next on a daily basis. We strive for the highest possible added value in customer acquisition, customer loyalty and customer potential exploitation in marketing, sales and service.


Logo novomind

Technology partner

novomind AG develops intelligent commerce and customer service software solutions and is one of the European technology leaders in its field.

The fields of action are online trading and electronic customer communication. From customized e-business solutions and e-commerce products such as online shops, PIM (Product Information Management) and marketplace integrations to customized solutions for contact and service centers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is in use everywhere - that's what novomind "burns" for: the clever and efficient combination of creative development spirit and artificial intelligence.


Logo Schacht Consulting

Consulting partner
SCHACHT CONSULTING is a specialized consultancy in customer management, which has a 360° view of its customer service with senior consultants coming exclusively from the industry.

SCHACHT CONSULTING covers the entire value-added chain and supports you with practical knowledge, especially in the implementation of your individual solution. In addition to all optimization possibilities in customer care, the focus is on the targeted, value-oriented dialogue with the customer by a member of staff. Using the value-irritant matrix, we identify together with you where the use of voiXen can be fully developed and support you during the implementation.


Logo telegra

Technology partner

The best possible solution. Impeccable service. The best technical environment. It's all very simple - telegra's applications ensure a better customer experience across all contact channels.

The modular features of telegra's cloud-based ACD ensure an optimal accessibility of service center structures. From intelligent service numbers to cloud-based telephone systems and omnichannel call centre software: telegra is the supplier for innovative customer dialogue systems.


Logo ttUnited

Technology partner

ttUnited is a sales and consulting company for innovative standard software solutions and technologies to optimize customer dialogue processes.

In addition to the actual technical solutions, we also provide the necessary consulting services with a focus on the design and complex interaction of various communication and workflow processes.


Logo vialine

Consulting partner

vialine is a barometer for quality and performance in customer contact and customer satisfaction.

As a neutral and objective partner, the team from Berlin uses quality monitoring to determine the potential of employees with regard to qualitative and quantitative factors and uses the results to identify potential for improvement. voixen supports the vialine team's quality monitoring by upstream call voice analyses on a communicative level, vialine is the professional for detailed analyses.


Logo Markus Euler

Consulting partner

Markus Euler - the game changer

Markus Euler supports companies in improving their sales performance in direct contact with customers and prospects. In presence, as well as online or hybrid. With the "Telesales-Performance-Study" he has created a scientific foundation, which shows the communicative success factors in consulting and sales conversations on the phone.


What does it mean for you to become a voiXen partner?

  • Joint appearance (digital, fairs, ...)
  • Integration in pre-releases of our software
  • Joint feature development
  • Intensive cooperation in customer projects

More? This is voixen!

Ihr Ansprechpartner: Ralf Mühlenhöver

Ralf Mühlenhöver

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