Speech analytics in the call center

Using a speech analytics software, you can improve the quality of your contact center, optimize the customer experience, reduce call duration and increase employee satisfaction.

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Speech analytics in call and contact centers, or: How you don't miss anything anymore

Originally we know speech analytics from linguistics, philosophy or psychology. In these areas it is about used language items, the style of speech, statements or the personality of the speaker.

Now in a call center it is certainly not wrong to work on the language style and the personality of the individual agents, but the focus of speech analytics is elsewhere. It is much more important to ensure the correct wording and compliance with the client's specifications in the interest of the projects to be managed.

Which elements of the conversation are agree upon between the client and a professional call center who is acting as a BPO (business process outsourcer)?

  • Greeting formula
  • Taboo words, e.g. naming competitors
  • Phrases like "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
  • Result of the communication
  • Goodbye formula

Here, one Speech analysis in the call centre can achieve a lot if it takes place promptly and can be individualised.
On the basis of these requirements it becomes clear that the corresponding tools for a call center speech analysis must have special features as they are offered by voiXen for example.

Not to forget, with all the questions about what has been said, there is also the unsaid! A good call center agent avoids pauses in conversation, as they can unsettle the caller and give the feeling of incompetence. Speech analytics in a call center must therefore also recognize and document pauses in conversation - according to frequency and length. An alerting system ideally reports when an agent is silent too often or too long.

And who doesn't mind the exact opposite, i.e. when the conversation partners keep interrupting each other? Which voice analysis tool takes care of the so-called "in-word rate"?

Now it has become clear: In addition to linguistics, philosophy or psychology, there is another field of activity for language analysis. Call centers have their own requirements - meet them with the right tool Tool!


Average call duration

Reduce the average handling time (AHT)
by up to 5%

Finding out root causes for long calls and using the correct words and phrases, you can reduce the average call duration and post-processing time of your employees.


Coaching of employees

Reduce the preparation time
by up to 75%

The integrated Coaching Analysis Tool reduces your preparation time for targeted training and coaching, because you will get a top 10 list of calls that are relevant for the next coaching session.

Ralf Mühlenhöver, CEO voiXen

A interview with Ralf Mühlenhöver

Ralf Mühlenhöver provides important facts about speech analytics in Germany: what is the state of the art, how complex is an implementation today and what advantages does speech analytics bring for customers and employees?
He answers these questions in the 10-minute interview. Attention: The interview is in German.

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The practical article - which is part of the ebook "Customer Service Automation" - supplies an overview of the various use cases of speech analytics. Attention: The ebook is in German.