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Keyword Spotting: About Searching and Finding

Using the term "spotting" we want to underline our mission to "find" as much as possible. So this is about searching, finding certain keywords.

The voiXen keyword spotting function can be used to select specific words within customer conversations.

These words are often selected around a topic, and often in a particular context - such as the words "complaint", "lawyer" and "supervisor" for searching within customer complaints or escalated calls. By identifying these calls quickly and effectively, organisations stand a better chance of avoiding expensive legal action and/or extreme customer dissatisfaction.

The keyword spotting function can also be invaluable when it comes to identifying problem calls and assigning them to appropriate agents with particular skill sets.

But how does this work with customer calls? Is spotting also possible there?

The answer is: "Yes, keyword spotting in voice recordings is also possible indirectly in conversation recordings". A prerequisite for this is the transcription of the recordings into written text, as it happens with voiXen. In addition to mere keyword spotting, thanks to other features it is even possible to assess whether the call was really a complaint or whether the agent may only have explained his options to the caller in the event of a complaint. An indicator here is, for example, the development of the volume in a call or the inside-word rate. In addition, the separation of the two channels "caller" and "agent" in the transcript makes it clear whether the relevant keywords were said by the customer or by the agent.

What works with single words can also be realized for phrases

Has the interview guideline been implemented? What is the percentage? Does the agent answer the phone as specified in the project? Is the date of birth asked for, for example? Is consent given on required topics? In addition to the target phrase tracker, taboo phrases can also be defined. Trends could also be read from the voicefiles without any specifications: Which phrases came from the customer this week compared to last week at a high frequency?

Other scenarios are also conceivable. If voiXen is used, for example, to record (telephone) interviews, keyword spotting is still possible years later thanks to the archiving of the recordings: In which interviews in period X was the name Y mentioned? In which interviews was company Z mentioned? Imagining this time-consuming manual search is equivalent to an infinite, if not impossible task.

Keyword Spotting with voiXen thus offers

  • Customizable spotting as required
  • project-oriented evaluation of thousands of call recordings
  • Finding individual topics even years later
  • Assignment of certain tasks to suitable employees
  • Alerting for urgent concerns

Through the precise and fast transcription from voice to text, voiXen enables the users of its voicefile search engine to search even large databases with different voice recordings such as telephone calls, mailbox messages or dictations specifically for content with the help of keyword mockery.

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