Automatically measure customer satisfaction

Customer expectations, customer experience, customer satisfaction (NPS): simply listen to everything, and analyse it using AI.

Automated translation of customer statements into customer satisfaction with AI

The topic of customer experience and customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important. Products and prices are becoming more and more similar and no longer allow differentiation from the competition. This makes it all the more important for customers to be enthusiastic or at least to be satisfied with their expectations so that they come back again and repeat and increase their purchases.
Today companies still know very little about the expectations and satisfaction of their customers, although a lot of data is available and many customers call daily. How can you use this information to learn more about expectations and satisfaction?

Kundenzufridenheit messen

What does the customer want? That companies understand their expectations

The customer tells us in each conversation why he is calling, what his preferences are and what he wants. voiXen automatically analyses the spoken word of the customer on the basis of relevant keywords (I expect..., I wish..., would be nice,...) and can therefore represent the customer's expectations in real time.

What experiences has the customer made with us?

In the same way it is possible to filter out from the calls of the customers what expectations the customers have of us, of our product, of our service. Here, too, the customer's experience is collected via keywords and, at best, made available to the company in real time.

And now? How satisfied is your customer?

The analysis of customer satisfaction and the representation in the form of a customer satisfaction indicator is the supreme discipline in dialogue analysis. By combining different keywords from the areas of "expectations" and "experiences" plus voice pitch, customer satisfaction can be derived from a dialogue.
The analysis result is translated into an NPS (Net Promoter Score). The NPS is the recommendation factor and indicates how likely it is that a customer will recommend the company's products or services to friends and relatives. The NPS is so important because customers who recommend you make more sales and attract new customers to you through positive word of mouth.

And what's in it for you now?

In the ideal case entrepreneurs see daily and in real time what their customers expect, what experiences they have made and even more importantly whether you recommend the company to others. With the analysis tool, which works on the basis of recorded customer calls, companies:

  • constantly analyse the expectations, experiences and satisfaction of customers,
  • identify trends early,
  • identify problems at an early stage and take countermeasures
  • analyze topics that cannot be covered by the service employee,
  • recognize why customers "really" call (request recognition)
  • classify reasons for termination and preventing future churn,
  • carry out advertising measures in a more targeted manner and receive automatic alerts in the event of extreme dissatisfaction.

Author: Hans Jürgen Friedrich

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