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Quality Management

-Measure and increase quality
-Reduce coaching time and improve call quality
-Increase employee satisfaction

Quality management has been an issue for the customer service industry for decades - mostly in connection with standards, certifications and lengthy processes. It seems that managers have to invest a lot of time and money to achieve a still rather imprecise result.

However, with voiXen that's all about to change! Using our cloud solution for voice analysis, you can now rapidly and easily improve improve quality and ensure you meet and exceed contact center KPIs.

So make active use of your call recordings....... and increase call quality and employee satisfaction while reducing coaching costs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Definition of own relevant criteria
  • List of conspicuous records
  • Less preparation time for coachings
  • Comparability of anomalies within the team or across teams
  • Targeted identification of escalations
  • Fast selection of "sample recordings" for training purposes

Quality - because that's what service is all about!

Quality should be what really counts. High quality service not only delivers happier customers but also more engaged employees and ultimately that is, more often than not, reflected in business success.

Therefore it is all the more important that service centers fully devote themselves to the topic.

However, the term "Quality Management" is going out of fashion. And when you look around what QM representatives in call centers are doing, it's not difficult to figure out why.

Today, modern telephone systems or dedicated systems can record almost all conversations. They are then generally randomly listened to by coaches or team leaders - and analysed according to defined criteria. However, only a fraction of the available information is often used, because anyone who has ever evaluated call recordings manually knows how time-consuming this type of analysis is.

However hard they try, a coach will only be able to listen to and evaluate a random selection of calls. This is of course not only frustrating for the coach, but also unfair from the employee's point of view. Because if the trainer of all things catches a phone call that hasn't gone well, it weighs far more heavily.

Results without the monotonous work

A Coach, Trainer or Team Leader can at best listen to and evaluate 35 to 40 conversation recordings in one day - and thus only a fraction of the telephone calls that were made in the service center on a particular day.

This is where voiXen comes into play. Because with our cloud-based speech analysis solution, you can now evaluate ALL your call recordings. You set the parameters, and our solution will start analysing your calls from day 1 - delivering information on average handling time, first call resolution, target phrase fulfilment, employee friendliness and more.... and clearly displaying all this vital information on-screen in the form of a tailored dashboard.

Reduce training and coaching time

Was a competitor named? Has a customer sworn? Does an agent constantly interrupt callers? Does someone not adhere to their call scrips? Do you frequently spot long pauses in conversations for a particular agent because they aren't familiar with their computer or its programmes?

And what about performance? Which colleagues are the most diligent? Who makes the longest or shortest calls?

With voiXen you can have these results displayed simply and clearly. Our software can also sort through data according to relevance, error frequency and topics.... enabling you to build your own coaching agenda.

With our coaching analysis tool, you can see which employees should be trained most urgently on which topics, receive a list of conspicuous telephone calls that could be relevant for the next training session, and a lot more.

Increase employee satisfaction and improve call quality

Today, coaches listen to about two to five interview recordings per employee per month, depending on how they organize their work. Whether the analyzed conversations are among the best or the worst of the respective employee is left to chance. Ultimately, it is a game of chance.

Fair employee evaluation looks different. Since voiXen allows you to include all conversations, this leads to a fairer system of employee evaluation. With just a few clicks, you can create the right training plan for your agents, enabling employees to improve and at the same time feel treated fairly. This is in turn can lead to lower absenteeism and attrition.

Increase efficiency

Your employees learn more easily, especially thanks to suitable practical examples. voiXen calls this "It sounds good".

The result of improved quality is not only an enhanced customer experience but also reduced average handling time (AHT), increased first contact resolution and better employee engagement which will be reflected on your bottom line.

voiXen - understanding the voice of your customer


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