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Voice of the Customer

Understand why your customers call.
Categorise the reasons customers leave and prevent future terminations.
Recognize and analyze issues and trends.

Do you truly understand your customers.... their wishes, needs, problems, challenges and opportunities?

Every organisation can benefit from understanding the "Voice of the Customer". That's why, every year, they invest heavily in market research and customer satisfaction surveys to record customers' expectations, likes, dislikes and more.

However, traditional Customer Satisfaction and Needs analysis methods are typically random, asynchronous - and often inaccurate.


The term "Voice of the Customer" describes the process of recording customer expectations, likes and dislikes etc. in order to identify expressed and unspoken customer wishes.
Source: Wikipedia

Listen to and understand customers

Business owners need to know what their customers want. What their concerns are. Why they are calling. And they need to know this each and every day - and, ideally, in real time!

By applying voiXen analysis tools to recorded customer calls, organisations are able to:

  • Instantly hear the Voice of the Customer
  • Identify trends at an early stage
  • Analyze questions that contact centre agents are unable to handle
  • Recognize why customers really call
  • Perform spontaneous queries according to given, even changing (current) phrases or topics
  • Classify reasons for contract cancellations - and prevent future cancellations
  • Carry out more targeted advertising, and
  • Receive automatic escalations (alerting) for acute news.

Evaluate telephone calls

voiXen was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Its name is derived from the French "la voix" - the voice. voiXen analyses "la voix du client" (i.e. the real-time voice of the customer), as well as analysing the service quality delivered by service personnel. The voiXen software platform analyses real customer dialogues as well as evaluating written material (e-mail, chat, social media) to identify true customer contact trends... such as why customers quit, what they complain about, and what really inspires them.

Knowing your customers' needs = knowing why they call

Customer recordings contain incredibly valuable nuggets of information. They tell us why people are calling, their preferences, and what outcomes they are seeking.

By automating the analysis of recorded calls with voiXen, you can easily display, analyze and evaluate customer information - as well as transform data overflows into usable data intelligence - and use this analysis in a meaningful way.

With voiXen, managers have total transparency about customers' ideas enabling them to create key strategic business strategies on the basis of clear data. With just a few clicks on the web interface, voiXen allows managers to easily tap new potential and generate valuable "Smart Data" from "Big Data".

Our speech analysis software for Customer Service and Sales is delivered from local datacentres and offers a powerful technological solution that is constantly evolving.


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